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Alumni Membership Form/Survey

ALL Brigadier Alumni and Current Members of the Winter Guard:

In our effort to compile a list of the corps membership for historical and practical purposes as organizations, we ask that you fill out our Alumni Membership Form/Survey. With this we hope to create a comprehensive list of Brigadiers past and present. This includes members, instructional staff, support staff, and admin from ALL years.

In that we also are asking for suggestions moving forward. Those done in a proactive, positive, and constrictive way will be considered.

The 65th anniversary gathering was an upbeat experience that showed that many generations can benefit from each other and grow as a family. Please contribute to this by filling out the link. All info will be kept in house by board members of the Alumni and BMA. Questions, contact Lansing Dimon via facebook or email at:

ALSO: For some of the grid questions, please make sure to SCROLL ACROSS and/or DOWN to see all of the options.


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