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The Brigadiers are 5 time Drum Corps Associates World Champions, winning titles in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002, having achieved the past record high score of 98.6 in 2002. With roots dating to 1938, The Brigadiers Drum and Bugle Corps has consistently been an innovative leader in advancing the all-age drum corps activity.  


The Brigadiers Winterguard are an 8-time WGI finalist, making finalist the last 6 years in a row. We also compete in the NECG and MYCG circuits. In 2019, the guard will compete for the first time in Independent World at WGI.




Consistency, Motivation, and Achievement


Hard work, dedication, perseverance, determination and performance are all key components of a consistent approach. At The Brigadiers, we expect every member of the organization to be motivated (at practice and at home), and to always apply quality and consistency to all efforts. Motivation is a byproduct of inspiration, which through a consistent approach will always yield achievement. 




We are involved in a team sport in which we all depend on one another to perform at the highest level possible. In order to achieve our goals, all performers must adhere to the same policies, rules, and guidelines. If we fracture individually, we as a team will not perform at the levels to which we aspire. 


The Brigadiers have a strict policy on the use of drugs and alcohol. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at all times. The use of alcohol is prohibited in and around rehearsal sites and underage drinking will not be tolerated at any time. The Brigadiers follow the governing state laws for charter bus transportation.


The use of offensive language is highly frowned up and restricted at rehearsals, housing sites and anytime you are in uniform.

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